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"A creative way to meet
NC Standard Course of Study requirements.


And the critics say . . .

" [ACE Ed is] “the best science-related field trip.” 
8th grade Centennial teacher

"This field trip is the greatest!" -8th grader

"It fit so well with our science curriculum."
- 3rd grade teacher

"In 40 years of going on field trips, this is the best!"
- parent chaperone

"The program is well organized, instructions were thorough, facilities were clean, activities were ready, and presenters were flexible."
- 3rd grade teacher

“This is reinforcing our curriculum perfectly – vocabulary, concepts – [this field trip] is really meeting our objectives.”
  5th grade teacher,
Creekside Elementary, Durham

“I had no idea we would touch on so many of the objectives we were supposed to cover.”  
- 5th grade teacher,
Four Oaks Elementary


Contact Information:
ACE Ed Director
Mir Youngquist-Thurow

A field trip means a full day of engaging hands-on activities at beautiful Camp Agapé for your students based on the NC Standard Course of Study. 

Prior to arrival:

  • Make your reservation. Call or e-mail early to get your
    preferred dates.

  • Plan your day according to your classroom needs by choosing
    from the myriad of topics listed in the curriculum. You choose
    the topics, we’ll build your schedule. We make it easy for YOU! 

  • How long?  We work around your bus schedule. The rate per
    student is for programs of up to five hours duration. Longer
    programming is available at an additional fee.

  • Have your students divided into their activity groups and
    provide them with nametags prior to arrival at Agapé, and
    then we’ll do the rest!  

  • We require a minimum of one adult from your school to
    accompany each activity group (maximum of three is
    recommended). Activity groups are 12-17 students. Your
    adult chaperones and teachers help by keeping the children
    focused while we teach the lessons.

  • We can handle 90-100 students per day.  

Arriving at Agapé: 

  • When you arrive, you’ll be greeted at the bus loop in front
    of the spacious open-air picnic shelter area of the
    Woodlands Center. After a brief introduction, we’ll get busy
    with our day!  

  • Enjoy your picnic lunch or arrange for our food service to
    provide your meal.    

What about rain? We try to stay outdoors as much as possible, even in the rain, as long as it is safe and the children are prepared.  After all, rain is part of nature and we can learn some interesting things in the rain, too!  

Take advantage of this quality experience at a nearby location, thus reducing travel costs. 

You DON’T want to miss out on this great educational opportunity!      
Call soon to avoid disappointment.